Didjeribone Show Testimonials......

We perform our show at schools all over the globe – here is just a few things members from our audience have to say about our show….. on tour in 2019

From the pen, these are some of the comments.......


“My favourite part was when the girls and boys did the limbo under the didjeribone. Please come back. I love your music!”

Amani, year 2, Leeming Primary School WA.


“Totally engaged. Awesome performance. Every year level from P to 6 fully enjoyed it. Absolutely fun performance.”

Fran, South Padbury Primary School WA.


“Facinating and Funky. Enthralled with how you created sounds with the students and amazed at the didjeribones possibilities to create such varied music. Informative history”

Elena, St Dominics Priory College SA.


“Students loved the show. They were engaged and interested in learning about the history and loved the performing music.”

Leana, Largs Bay Primary School SA.


“Smoke on the Water! Big smiles and lots of laughs. Great vibe and engagement.”

Hayley, Loxton High School SA.


“The Children loved it! They were very interested and engaged. Audience interaction was fantastic. Students were eager to participate and enjoyed asking and answering questions. Tjupurru is very funny and engaging”

Coal Point Public School.


“Your music is cool. Aboriginal artists are really different to the paintings. It was so funny when you combed your hair like a girl!”

Jess, Year 2, Clovelly Public School.


“I loved the Didjeribone and your funky music. I have learned some words from a book in Pintupi Luritja. I will tell my friends about you”

Kai, Year 2 Clovelly Public School.


“Thank you for visiting. I know the colours of your flag, they are blsck red and yellow.”

Freya, Year 2 Clovelly Public School.


“Best performance from Arts Council we’ve had. It was superb!! Thank you so much.”

Cassie, Morven State School Qld.


“A very entertaining performance that engaged our students from beginning to end!!”

Andrea, Baralaba Stare School Qld.


“This was one of the most ejoyable performances ever to visit Rolleston, for all age levels – including adults. Thank you Tjupurru!!”

Elizabeth, Rolleston State School.


“This was the best performance I have ever attended from QAC. It was relevant to the childrens life experiences and interests whilst exposing them to other cultural concepts.”

Springsure State School QLD.


“The presentation was informative, entertaining, engaging and age appropriate – even the teachers enjoyed it!”

Kylie, Moranbah State School QLD


“Absolutely Brilliant – Thanks!!!!”

Dawn, Mutaburra State School, QLD


” This was awesome. Very relevant and engaging for students. The best Arts Council I have ever seen!!”

Ashley, St George State School, QLD.

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