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The Didjeribone, the original slide didjeridu (or slide didgeridoo), was invented out of a desire to put the didgeridoo at the centre of live music.

This unique instrument was designed and built by didgeridoo player Charlie McMahon in 1981 so that he and other musicians could play a didgeridoo with the capacity to be tuned rather than be a purely rhythmic instrument. Charlie’s band Gondwana wanted the didjeridu to be the focus of their performances, and so the Didjeribone was born!

The Didjeribone is called a slide didgeridoo because it allows the player to adjust the tone. This allows Didjeribone players to collaborate easily with other musicians, playing in a particular key and shifting tones easily during a song.

Lightweight and easy to learn with a few tutorials and a lot of fun practice, the Didjeribone is perfect for everyone from the seasoned didgeridoo performer to children who have never played an instrument.

For beginners a Didjeribone is an inexpensive way to get a didj that’s easy to play and to find the tone that suits. For experienced players the Didjeribone provides fresh ground for original playing, and a solution to the problem of which didjeridu key to carry.

To start your didjeribone journey, head to our store or sign up for our free lesson pack here.

We have had a couple of different versions of our Didjeribone – Mark I, Mark II and Mark III. They are all the same great design but we have varied the colours depending on the availability at the time of manufacture. We have them wholly made right here in Australia and we are proud to carry the Australian Made logo. A sneek peek at the different versions:

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