Charlie McMahon

Charlie McMahon mastered the didgeridoo from an early age and is one of Australia’s most acclaimed players of this iconic indigenous Australian instrument.

From traditional style didjeridus through to the newly launched Didjeribone – Sliding Didgeridoo, Charlie is passionate about the inclusion of didgeridoo music in different music genres and performs across the country.

Charlie with his band Gondwana are a truly live sound and have always pushed the barriers of musical sounds, blending driving rhythms with an outback ambience.

Charlie has played on Soundtracks for the films; Pricilla Queen of the Desert, Mad Max and The Bear. He has recorded / performed with Snakefinger, Janes Addiction, Def Fx, Rio Isibashi, Ed Kuepper, Sunrize Band, Midnight Oil, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many others.

To contact Charlie and to find out more about what he does, click here.

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